This website provides learning resources, including information about software tools and approaches to getting work done. Most of these resources are related to the nexus of water resources, software technologies, and data, although tangential topics may also be included. Many of the learning resources are encapsulated in self-contained websites. See also other Open Water Foundation websites:

Learning Resource ID Focus Description Link to Resources
cdss-learn-git Version control software Git version control tutorial for Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) developers. CDSS Learn Git
owf-learn-cdss-hydrobase Colorado water data Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) HydroBase. Learn HydroBase
cdss-learn-statemod-dev Water allocation model Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) StateMod water allocation model software, for software developers. Learn StateMod (for Software Developers)
cdss-learn-cdss-statecu-dev Consumptive use model Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) StateCU consumptive use model software, for software developers. Learn StateCU (for Software Developers)
owf-learn-csv Open data format Comma-separated-value data format guide Learn CSV
owf-learn-cygwin Cygwin - Linux for Windows Linux-like environment for Windows, for increased efficiency and productivity. Learn Cygwin
owf-learn-fortran Fortran programming language Fortran programming tutorial. Learn Fortran
owf-learn-geojson Spatial data format GeoJSON spatial data format tutorial. Learn GeoJSON
owf-learn-git Version control software Git version control tutorial. The CDSS / Learn Git tutorial is more up to date and is perhaps a better resource. Learn Git
owf-learn-mkdocs Website/documentation software MkDocs tutorial - Python tool to create menu-driven static website from Markdown files. Learn MkDocs
owf-learn-open-data Open data How to publish and use open data (focusing on water resources). Learn Open Data
owf-learn-open-source-software Open source software How to create an open source software project (focusing on water resources software). Learn Open Source Software
owf-learn-python Python programming language Python programming tutorial. Learn Python
owf-learn-qgis Geographic Information Systems software Quantum GIS (QGIS) tutorial - free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Learn QGIS
owf-learn-software-dev Software development General software development tutorial. Learn Software Development
owf-learn-tstool Time series TSTool tutorial - free and open source time series processing software. Learn TSTool
owf-learn-waterml2 Time series data format WaterML 2 background and implementation guide. Learn WaterML 2