Learn CDSS HydroBase

This documentation provides training resources for Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) HydroBase database.

If you are reading this documentation, you have an interest in learning about how the State of Colorado manages water resources data in the HydroBase database, and how you can use the database. This documentation is intended to provide sufficient information to water resources engineers, water lawyers, software developers, researchers, and others who are interested in Colorado's water resources data.

HydroBase is a relational database, which more specifically uses the Microsoft SQL Server technology.

Colorado Division of Water Resources staff maintain several versions of HydroBase and related databases necessary to do the work of State water agencies. Examples of data maintained in these databases include:

  • real-time streamflow data from the Satellite Monitoring System
  • well permit applications
  • water rights and diversion records

This documentation is a work in progress and will contain notes for inserts until resources can be devoted to filling in blanks.

Colorado's Decision Support Systems

Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS, cdss.state.co.us) has been developed to answer important questions about Colorado's water resources. CDSS efforts are led by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR).

CDSS Website

One component of CDSS is the HydroBase databaes, in particular the "CDSS HydroBase", which is used by modelers that have created model datasets as part of CDSS basin modeling projects. The general term "HydroBase" refers to the DWR's database for Colorado's real-time and historical water resources data.

This documentation focuses on the CDSS HydroBase and variations such as Colorado Informtion Marketplace dataset exports from HydroBase.

Open Water Foundation

The Open Water Foundation (OWF, openwaterfoundation.org) is a 501(c)3 social enterprise nonprofit that focuses on developing and supporting open source software to make better decisions about water resources. OWF helps to develop and maintain CDSS software and has a strong interest in ensuring that CDSS software and HydroBase are effectively and efficiently used to address complex water resources issues.

OWF has created this website as a prototype to facilitate helping people understand and use HydroBase.

See also other OWF learning resources.

How to Use this Documentation

The documentation is organized in the order of basic concepts and then topics relevant to developing and supporting StateMod.

This website is intended as a companion to the StateMod source code repository and is the source of information for software developers that support and enhance StateMod.

Other HydroBase Learning Resources

The following are additional HydroBase learning resources:


The license for this documentation is being determined in the CDSS open source project. More information will be provided later. However, at this time because this site is a prototype, there are no restrictions for use.

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